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Red Bull US Coast Guard

The United States Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers profiled for Red Bull's Red Bulletin Magazine in the frigid waters off Kodiak Island, Alaska. Justin spent two weeks training, flying and swimming with the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers to document the extreme conditions they operate in to save lives and protect the Alaskan Coast. From Kodiak, rescue helicopters fly north to the Arctic Ocean, where ice floes the size of football fields can be seen floating in the water. To the west, the Coast Guard watches over the Bering Sea, where Arctic storms transform the waves into dark blue walls. Air Station Kodiak is responsible for an area of some 4 million square miles in some of the most remote terrain in the US.


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“Kodiak’s Rescue Swimmer Chief, Tom Bolen, says Justin was surprisingly able to keep up during the rigorous training, and that it’s a rare occasion for rescue swimmers to enjoy having a photographer along for the ride. “I’ve worked with a lot of photographers and reporters over the years but Justin is something special. He handled the extreme conditions Alaska has to offer like it was second nature and with a smile on his face. We’d welcome back that cool cat, Bastien to come and train with the Coast Guard’s finest here in Kodiak at any time,” he says.”
— Tom Bolen - USCG Rescue Swimmer Chief



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