The New Face of Chrysler

In 2010, working as a creative consultant with Gotham NY, along with writing partner Dave O’Hare, we developed a campaign for the resurgence of the Chrysler brand called, “The New Face of Chrysler.” The campaign was as much an internal rally cry as it was an external statement, the Chrysler, and the employees that stayed, were on their way back. Every one of them knew why they were there and what they had to do. Their faces were reflected in the metal of the new machines they were building. Each one had a purpose. Each one could say with conviction, “I am here because I am the new face of Chrysler.”


  • Internal Branding Message
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction


“To all the people who ever supported me and this company, here’s to you. I am
The New Face of Chrysler.”
— Brian Peterson, Chrysler Product Design