Lincoln Motor Company Brand Repositioning 

**Need copy** In the Spring of 2012, JWT was charged with nothing short of rekindling the worlds love affair with America via this country’s first ever global tourism campaign. Over the previous decade, America’s share of the booming global tourism market had declined 37%, resulting in lost jobs and revenue. Brand USA was our country’s chance to reverse this decline and help jumpstart America’s economy and create badly needed jobs. Within 8 months, working with JWT, we created a mutimedia global campaign that invited travelers to “Discover America Like Never Before." Travel intent to the USA is up 15% in the advertised markets- resulting in an increase of $3.4 billion in visitor spending, and hundreds of thousands of newly created jobs.


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This site is packed full of meaning, from the product design to the photography to the films that help tell the story.
— Ginny Golden - Communication Arts Interactive Annual Winner



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