Red Bull "Eagle Hunters"

Red Bull "Eagle Hunters"

Conceived by a group of adventure lovers, the idea came from a desire to share their unique life experiences, quickly, easily, and in an engaging way.

Imagine standing at the top of a snowy mountain - getting ready to launch your skis over the edge when you get an urge to let all of your adventure loving friends know exactly where you are. You snap a cool angle of your skis hanging over the edge, and instead of posting your image the same old way, you decide to turn your picture into a game simply by asking your friends, where am i?

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Whether dining at a great restaurant, at a rock concert, on a trip to Tahiti or just cruising around, for each chapter in your unique adventure of life, WAMI allows you to share your experiences and stay connected in a fun and engaging way.

Our assignment was to create a launch film treatment that exemplified the fun and engagement of this app to investors and retail clients.

WAMI’s position in the marketplace and timing of the application, is ideal. Being a social, gaming, photo and video sharing app that brings consumers and retailers together on a mobile device positions them in each of the fastest growing sectors across all of the digital landscape.

So far they have been very successful acquiring great brands such as Yogaworks, GoPro, Channel Island Surfboards, and many more, to join WAMI’s “launch partner program” within the “branded games” section of WAMI.


  • Creative Direction
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Post Production


Justin - we all wanted to thank you for your off the charts creativity, professionalism and most of all, positive energy.

Your enthusiasm and love of what you do is truly inspiring. We’ve gotten so much amazing feedback from the WAMI promo film ... we can’t wait to do another one!
— Tommy Stoilkovich, WAMI Founder and CEO